Compare Best Prices on Mobile Phone Insurance

iPhone SE 16GB insurance £4.99 per month with cover that starts immediately.

If your iPhone is damaged and you make a claim, it will be repaired by Apple at the Genius Bar which can be arranged on the same day!

iPhone stolen or lost? We will replace it with a brand new phone, unlike our competitors who use refurbished or used phones.

Samsung Galaxy S7 insurance £6.99 per month with instant cover.

If your Galaxy S7 is damaged beyond repair, stolen or lost it will be replaced with a brand new phone.

Peace of Mind When You Need It Most

  • Instant cover on all phones that are less than 6 months old
  • Your phone will be insured against theft, accidental, liquid and screen damage
  • Members of your immediate family are covered whilst using your phone
  • We only use Apple to repair the iPhone and iPad
  • Worldwide cover for when you’re away on holiday or business
  • You can update your policy with us at anytime, just let us know when you change or upgrade your phone
  • Over 92% of claims approved.

Compare Mobile Phone Insurance Online

When you choose Buy Mobile Phone Insurance to protect your phone, you’re safe in the knowledge your cover starts immediately and unlike our competitors, should your phone be stolen, damaged beyond repair or lost we will always replace it with a brand new phone.

In the event you need to make a claim, we have a UK based customer support team and there’s NO premium rate number to call or exhaustive menu system to navigate through when you need to call us.