iPhone 6S Plus Insurance


2016-07-14_1335Compare the best iPhone 6S Plus insurance at the best price and benefit from a 10% discount on any policy you take out.

With our iPhone insurance, you get unlimited repairs, accidental and liquid screen damage, mechanical breakdown after your warranty expires.

Unlike our competitors, if your iPhone 6S Plus is stolen, lost or damaged beyond repair we will replace your phone with a brand new iPhone 6S Plus. We do not replace lost, stolen or phones that are damaged beyond repair with used or refurbished handsets.

If your iPhone 6S Plus is accidentally damaged or the screen is smashed, we will ALWAYS use Apple to repair or replace your phone. This way you know your iPhone will always be repaired with genuine parts and by Apple directly. We always put quality first.

Buy your iPhone 6S Plus mobile phone insurance through our cash back partner, Quidco and get £6 cash back. Additionally, for signing up to Quidco you’ll also get a signing up bonus of £10!

And to go one step further, we are also offering you a 10% discount on your monthly premium too.

Simply enter discount code BMPi10 at the checkout and your monthly premium will be discounted by 10%

Comparing the best phone insurance for your iPhone 6S Plus


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