Tablet Insurance

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Whether you use your iPad or Tablet at home or away, we've got you covered.

A Tablet can now cost anything up to £900, can you afford to replace your iPad if it is stolen or damaged?

What makes us different?

If your iPad or Tablet is insured with Buy Mobile Phone Insurance it's simple.

In the event your iPad is stolen or your Tablet is damaged beyond repair, unlike our competitors we will always replace it with a brand new one.

We'll never send you a used or refurbished device.

Our customer support team is based in the UK with no premium rate number to call.


Policy Summary

  • Immediate Cover*
  • Unlimited Repairs
  • Theft / Damage & More....
  • Liquid Damage
  • Fast Claims Processing
  • New for Old Replacement
  • Optional Loss Cover
  • Family Members Covered
  • Worldwide Cover