Do you replace new for old or do you provide refurbished items?

Yes, unlike other mobile phone insurers, we provide brand new for old cover in the event your phone is stolen, lost or damaged beyond repair. If your gadget is no longer available for any reason, we will provide the nearest possible model with similar features and functions.

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More reasons to buy

  1. We approve, on average, over 92% of Claims
  2. New for Old Replacement - we never replace with a used or refurbished handset
  3. UK Based Customer Support & Claims Team
  4. No Premium Rate Phone Number - 01256 471387
  5. Unlimited Repairs
  6. Fast Claims Processing
  7. Immediate Family Covered Using Your Phone
  8. Worldwide Cover up to 90 Days
  9. Liquid, Water Damage
  10. Smashed Screens