Apple iPhone SE 32GB

Apple iPhone SE 32GB

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The Cover

With your Apple iPhone SE 32GB device Insurance for just £4.99 a month you can benefit from: 

  • Immediate cover (if your device is less than 6 months old)
  • Unlimited repairs
  • Theft 
  • Loss Cover, optional
  • Accidental, liquid and screen damage
  • Fast claims processing
  • We approve, on average, over 92% of claims
  • Immediate family covered using your device
  • UK based customer service and claims team
  • Worldwide cover, holidays and business travel

More reasons to buy

  1. UK Based Customer Support & Claims Team
  2. Standard Rate Phone Number 01256 471387
  3. Unlimited Repairs
  4. Immediate Family Covered
  5. Worldwide Cover up to 90 Days
direct Debit
Pay Monthly(Direct Debit)
Apple iPhone SE 32GB Phone Insurance
£4.99per monthPurchase

iPhone SE 32GB – Review

The iPhone SE 32GB is Apple’s answer to those who still want a small, compact device that has plenty of modern features and all round good quality. It does have a dialled back screen and design to help reduce its price, yet it is still a superb phone with great power and also features more battery life than that of the iPhone 5s. It has now been available for purchase for over two years now, so in comparison to the iPhone range on offer now with the iPhone X and 8, it does appear significantly underpowered.

The iPhone SE 32GB still, even now, represents an excellent, more compact package and much cheaper alternative to the likes of the iPhone X, and features the fingerprint scanner that eluded the design of the X. It has also been updated to the new and shiny iOS 11 from Apple. There are now two variants of the SE to choose from – the 32GB priced at £349, and the 128GB one priced at £449.

The design of the iPhone SE 32Gb is based entirely from the iPhone 5S, something that is not exactly hard to see. So it is the same brilliantly compact chassis, a perfect fit for any hand and very comfy to say the least. The only visual difference between the iPhone SE and the iPhone 5S, is the option to purchase the SE in a rose gold finish. Everything else is as you’d find on the 5S, with the + and – signs on the volume keys, the drilled out speaker holes on the bottom and the power button located on top of the device.

The fact they tech giants decided to stick with this now old design, reinforces just how premium and well built the 5S was. The SE continues to feel like a premium product, but with updated software underneath to help it at least compare to modern day handsets. Some still argue that Apple could easily have updated the design even a bit, with features like curved edges or something similar to keep it fresh.

The screen on the SE 32GB looks as though it was produced in 2012, along with the chassis. This means the Retina display can’t display the lower end of HD movies, and fairly average sharpness overall. The lack of improvement on the screen does help to bring the most important factor of the phone down though – the price.

Overall this is a fantastic value for money compact handset, it has brilliant power that has been packaged into an exceptionally small chassis that still carries a familiar and good looking design. It has good lasting battery life, decent storage options and still feels like a premium product (as you would expect) from a huge brand, Apple.