Nokia 5

Nokia 5

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The Cover

With your Nokia 5 device Insurance for just £3.99 a month you can benefit from: 

  • Immediate cover (if your device is less than 6 months old)
  • Unlimited repairs
  • Theft 
  • Loss Cover, optional
  • Accidental, liquid and screen damage
  • Fast claims processing
  • We approve, on average, over 92% of claims
  • Immediate family covered using your device
  • UK based customer service and claims team
  • Worldwide cover, holidays and business travel

More reasons to buy

  1. UK Based Customer Support & Claims Team
  2. Standard Rate Phone Number 01256 471387
  3. Unlimited Repairs
  4. Immediate Family Covered
  5. Worldwide Cover up to 90 Days
direct Debit
Pay Monthly(Direct Debit)
Nokia 5 Phone Insurance
£3.99per monthPurchase

Nokia 5 – Review

The Nokia 5 is the device that sits between the higher spec Nokia 6 and the incredibly cheap Nokia 3, and it sits here a bit confused in our opinion. This does not mean that it is a bad phone however, but the Nokia 6 is priced only a little more than the Nokia 5 – and it seems worth the little extra spend, and if you are looking for a cheaper option, then the Nokia 3 is significantly cheaper than these two.

The Nokia 5 has possibly the best looking body in its price bracket, and could be mistaken for a much pricier handset at first glance. It’s all metal body providing a premium finish that gives it this more expensive look. It has an ergonomic design, with curved edges making it fit perfectly in the hand – and the screen size is perfect, enabling you to reach anywhere on the screen with your thumb. It is crafted from a single block of 6000-series aluminium, which helps the phone feel very premium considering the low price.

The Nokia 5 also features a fingerprint scanner that won’t be found on other similarly priced phones, giving it a one-up on its closer rivals as it is usually a more high-end addition. This also doubles as a home button, similar to the iPhone’s home button. But it’s nice to see this tech on the lower tiers of smart phones.

It has a 720p HD display which is good enough to be clear and bright and also gives decent levels of detail to images, video and text on the 1280x720 resolution. Obviously when compared to AMOLED, this LCD will be put to shame as it isn’t anywhere near as vibrant and can’t offer the same colour reproduction. However, for the price of the handset it is extremely good, and can compete easily with other similarly priced devices.

There is no fast charge to be found on the Nokia 5, but the 3,000aMh battery should last a day of use, as long as the user isn’t streaming for hours or listening to Spotify. Most will find they will need a top-up during the day to ensure it lasts to the night time.

The camera on the handset is certainly nothing to boast about, with it being sluggish and unintuitive to say the least. On the rear you’ll find a promising sounding 13MP camera, but due to its lack of speed to take shots you’ll find your patience running thin here – especially if you’re attempting to take a ranged shot, as there is a lack of colour and detail unless shooting at close range.

The Nokia 5 is a very decent phone for its intended users, being a compact and cheaply priced handset. But if you can stretch your budget, then opting for the Nokia 6 will be a much better decision as it is a more perfected version of the Nokia 5. This device does have decent battery life and power behind it, with a very average camera – it also has a very premium body and features you’d find on much higher priced handsets like the fingerprint scanner though.