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We provide instant cover for all phones less than 6 months old. That means if you own the latest Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy or Sony, then we can insure your phone immediately.
We provide a flexible service which allows you to update your policy with your new, upgraded or replacement phone as frequently as you change your mobile phone.
Our mobile phone insurance policies give you cover against theft, accidental damage, liquid damage and cracked screens. And if that wasn’t enough, our insurance gives you worldwide cover for up to 90 days when travelling on holiday or business. We even cover members of your immediate family who use your phone, putting you at ease when the butterfingers in your family asks if they can make a call.
Compare mobile phone insurance for Apple, Samsung, Sony, and Huawei. You won’t be disappointed. We are one of the cheapest mobile phone insurance providers online. In fact with insurance from just £3.99 per month, we are consistently recognised as having competitive prices for buying mobile phone insurance online.
We approve on average 92% of claims, higher than most other mobile phone insurers. And we have a UK based customer support team with no premium rate number to call. Just straightforward, old-fashioned customer service at the end of the line when you need it most.
Search for your handset now to get an instant quote and insure your mobile phone today.
‘Please Note’
Your handset must be in good working condition and free from defects and damage when you apply for cover
If your handset is over 6 months of age when applying for insurance there is no cover in the first 14 days of the policy
You must take reasonable care of your handset, for example you will not be covered if you leave it behind in a public place
In the event of theft or loss you must notify the police and your airtime provider within 24 hours of the incident occurring
We expect you not to expose your handset to risk of damage unnecessarily