We started Buy Mobile Phone Insurance because we saw a need for a service that provided comprehensive mobile phone insurance backed by excellent service at a reasonable cost. 
We believe that serving our customers is about much more than providing cheap mobile phone insurance. Yes, our rates are highly competitive and in some cases they are considerably cheaper than you'll find on the High Street. But our service is about much more than cost.
We know how much you rely on your phone and how difficult it can be when you're without it. That's why, if your phone is stolen, lost, broken, or stops working after the warranty period, we have a straightforward claims process to confirm the details, after which we're dedicated to getting your phone repaired or replaced promptly with minimum inconvenience.
What's covered?
Your mobile phone is insured against theft, loss if optional loss cover is taken, liquid and accidental damage
Accidental damage & mechanical breakdown - If your phone is damaged or breaks down outside of the manufacturer's warranty we'll repair it. We'll replace it with the same or equivalent model if it can't be fixed economically.
Your phone is insured, which means if your immediate family are using it they are covered
Unauthorised calls up to the value of £1000 following theft 
Worldwide cover for a maximum of 90 days at a time for holidays or business travel
Where your phone is stolen, lost, or damaged beyond repair we always replace new for old. 
No premium rate phone number to call when you use our service! We have a UK based customer support team when you need to contact us - Tel: 01256 471387
What we ask from you?
Take reasonable precautions to prevent theft or damage to your mobile
Report thefts to the police as soon as possible and always within 24 hours
Report thefts to your network operator immediately (within 24 hours maximum)
Tell us about thefts as soon as possible and within 48 hours
For Apple Products
We only use Apple to repair iPhones to ensure that your phone is repaired to Apple's standards using genuine parts. You are welcome to use the Apple Genius Bar of your choice to repair your phone but you need to call us to let us know first. You will need to pay for the replacement handset or repair and then send us the Apple Work Authorisation. We'll then reimburse you for the cost minus the policy excess. Alternatively just send the phone to Warranty and Creditor Services using the address on this site and we'll arrange for Apple to make the repair.