5G - The new 4G

The inevitable next step after 4G – 5G is the future for even faster and more reliable mobile internet connectivity. The end of apps stalling and video buffering may be nearing – but there’s more to be excited about.
The 5G Network will be combining cutting-edge technology and vast amounts of research following on from Samsung’s original testing back in 2013 – to bring average download speeds of 1GBps and will have the infrastructure to carry huge amounts of data leading the way for a far more connected world than we already are.
We can expect to see the first waves of 5G to reach us by 2020 – however many major tech companies are racing to get it to us even sooner. 
In South Korea Samsung are planning to launch a trial 5G network for the 2018 Winter Olympic Games. Seeing this, Hauwei are rushing to get their own version of a trial run ready for the 2018 World Cup in Russia.
Ericsson are predicting that 5G’s latency will be 1ms – around 50 times faster than 4G had to offer, ending lag and buffering for good, and with big advancements in antenna technologies coming with the new network there will be no sudden data connection drop outs either.
Get ready for the future – unrivalled connectivity and downloading speeds with no connection drop outs or latency issues.

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