Android P operating system releasing soon?


With Google’s Android 8.0 Oreo operating system still rolling out as we speak after a fairly recent release, we are already talking about the next iteration of the OS. The talk has increased ever more after the Android P developer preview was released this week. The new OS is internally referred to at Google as Android Pistachio Ice Cream, continuing the dessert theme Android adopted some time ago.

The Google I/O developer conference will take place in California from the 8th May, which means can expect to learn more details about the new OS and a public beta announcement will also take place at this event during the keynote speech. The release date of the Pistachio Ice Cream looks to be around summer time this year, most likely during the August month – as Android 8.0 Oreo launched the same month last year.

The new Android OS will be utilising the notch, which has been making the rounds on Android devices already, to a fuller and better capacity than the previous Oreo could. Apart from this news there isn’t much else we know, so we will have to wait until the conference in May for further details.

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