Apple CarPlay – What’s changing?


As car manufacturers generally face 5-10 year product cycles, the infotainment systems always seem very advanced to start with, but inevitably look far too dated quickly and well before facelifts are given. This has led to companies like Apple introducing CarPlay, which gives the user an interface of their very own iPhone onto the infotainment display, albeit a safer and more simplified version so as to be legal. The main purpose is to get rid of that constant urge to look, even glance, at your phone for a safer trip.


Don’t begin thinking that this is effectively an iPhone on your dash ready for Fortnite, it is more of a watered down version with selected apps suitable for use in a car. Some apps have also been adapted to be safer, like iMessage – where siri is able to read out a message instead of displaying it on the screen, dictation is also enabled of some of the apps for texting etc. You can also connect the iPhone via Bluetooth in newer cars, making it easier than ever to connect; you’ll be using a lightning connector in older models however.

Every iPhone since the iPhone 5 are CarPlay compatible, and nearly every manufacturer and aftermarket head unit maker are jumping on the CarPlay trend with either options for it or have the software already installed. A quick search online will give you a host of options to choose from.

As soon as you connect your iPhone to the system, you’ll recognise the interface immediately as it is meant to look like iOS. The home screen will display many apps you’ll be used to, and will display your iPhone’s signal strength and battery life.

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