Apple iOS 12 – The latest news


The next operating system to be released from Apple is set to be announced at World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) this year, which will take place on June4-8. This will be the place Tim Cook and Craig Federighi will take the stage to deliver the new OS. Apple have released their new operating systems to the public during the second week of September for the past four years, so we can safely say they will continue this trend again – specifically, we can expect the release date to be Tuesday 18th September 2018.

With iOS 11 suffering from a few gremlins, it had its fair share of criticisms from the wider public. Bearing that in mind we hope Apple focus on cleaning the OS so there aren’t as many shortcomings as we saw last year. They are likely to prioritise this and other interface issues, battery life and a few performance problems. With Apples huge weight of expectation, these issues are easy to write down but are obviously harder to be done.

Nothing else has been said so far regarding what features we can expect to be using in their new operating system, but keep an eye out as we expect details to spill over the next few months leading up to the WWDC.

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