Curved iPhones on the horizon?


According to many sources, Apple are developing iPhones with touch-less and curved displays. With the exception of the recently released iPhone X, every iPhone model before has stuck with a flat display. The X’s screen curves slightly at the bottom, but this curve is almost negligible. Considering Apple look to be moving away from the LCD screen which is unable to be shaped like OLED displays, we could see curved iPhones soon.

 Samsung have already released devices featuring curved OLED screens, however they only slope down and at the edges, rather than the curve from top to bottom that Apple are believed to be developing. They are also developing a new screen called MicroLED, but all these new technologies are a few years away from being available to the masses, as they are still in early development stages.

Apple are also developing their own variation of Samsung’s Air Gestures, the tech that allows users to do things like switch between web pages by a wave of the hand. Apples version will need users hand to be closer to the screen, with the tech being built into the screen. Google are also developing similar technology, with their ATAP research group looking at this through their Project Soli program.

With Apple releasing new iPhones this year, with an expected 6.5-inch iPhone and a cheaper LCD version we don’t expect these new technologies to feature this year as the news has come out recently. Keep an eye out for more news on this.

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