Digital Number Plates – Dubai


In a bid to make life easier for drivers in Dubai, vehicles will be trialled next month with smart number plates that will have digital screens, GPS and transmitters fitted instead of the plastic plates we know and have used for so long. The new plates will inform emergency services if, for example, an accident has happened – this new technology comes as Dubai has been forging its way to become an international technology hub.

The digital plates will be able to display an alert if the vehicle is stolen or if the plate itself has been stolen. It will also contact police and ambulance services in the event of a crash, and allow real-time communication with other drivers about traffic conditions or accidents ahead. The tech will also allow payment of fines or renewing registration plates to be charged automatically from the user’s accounts.

A few privacy and information concerns are beginning to rise as the digital number plates will allow transport authorities to track drivers and their data, but the trial run should iron out any potential flaws that could pop up. This could be a big step in bringing car technology to the future.

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