eSIM – The new SIM card


eSIM is short for embedded SIM, and many network companies are predicting it will rid of the traditional SIM cards in the next 5 years. eSIM’s are built into, for example, a phones mainboard and is rewritable. This means you won’t have to insert any SIM cards into said phone when switching network providers. The Apple Watch 3 and Pixel actually already use this new variant, and soon they will inevitably be found in our smartphones.

During the Mobile World Congress, Samsung UK Head of Technology Kyle Brown said: “We do have technologies like eSIM, which are going to come in and allow you to do a SIM card through software, rather than just using a physical hardware. At the moment we’re looking at both options in the market and that’s the way we see it for the foreseeable future.” As evident in his words, there seems to be some hurdles to overcome first before we see this tech come into mainstream availability. For example every major carrier will need to agree with the eSIM, allowing manufacturers to follow – once one carrier adopts the eSIM the domino effect will take place with all others following suit.

Benefits of SIM card-less phones will include manufacturers not having to factor in SIM card slots, enabling more flexibility with device designs. International travellers who wiswap SIM cards or network carriers will just have to call their providers to switch their SIM instead; far easier. It can only be a matter of time before we see this adopted by bigger network providers, and we’re looking forward to it.

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