Exciting sneak peak at Apple iOS 12

12 September is the official release date of the latest iOS for iPhones and iPads.
Apple revealed the latest updates at its annual developers conference so instantly we knew it was going to be more than just dealing with bugs! They didn’t disappoint and we can’t wait to share the features of iOS 12.
Apple are also trying to improve performance on older devices, therefore every device that can support iOS 11 will be able to support iOS 12. Apple have worked hard on improvements and  performance and the result is that apps will launch up to 40% quicker than before!
Here are the main 13 points of interest:
Measure app
There will be an AR measurement tool that can detect, then measure objects through the camera view. You will be able to tap and drag lines to measure things! You will also be able to use it as a spirit level.
Apple Photos
There will be a new ‘For You’ tab, like in Apple Music. There will be an ‘On this day’ area that will show memories including live photos and portraits. This tab will also have editing tools to try out. Photos will be indexed by place, time and categories and multiple search terms can be used to find specific pics. 
Apple News 
There will be a really useful browse tab, and the iPad will gain a new sidebar. News will also be within the Stocks app too….
Apple Stocks
This app has been rebuilt and now has Apple news within it so you are able to keep abreast of news whilst looking at your stocks and shares. It will also be on the iPad!
Voice Memos
This app has been totally recreated and will be on the iPad and Mac too. There will be iCloud support so that recordings can sync across devices.
Apple Books
This has a completely new design and a new name to go with it. There will be a ‘Reading now’ section so you can go straight to the last read page of your current book. A new book store will also be a welcome addition.
This is exciting – you will be able to group notifications, from the same app, together and also customise the notifications from a locked screen. 
There will be a new ‘do not disturb during bedtime’, that will not show notifications on a locked screen during set times. You will be able to adjust all notification settings instantly to override and do things like ‘send to notification centre’ to deal with later.
Siri shortcuts
Apple has developed Sirikit – so any app can add quick actions to Siri. You can also use the new ‘Add to Siri’ button to customise your Siri with personal search terms. You will be able to say phrases like ‘Siri, I’ve lost my keys’ and then an app like Tile could launch. So many possibilities with it!
CarPlay integration with third party apps
Navigation support will be added to CarPlay which will make apps like Google Maps and Waze accessible through CarPlay.
This feature is a brilliant idea in todays ‘phone addicted world’. It displays your phone usage. There is a weekly summary of phone activity and it includes a graph of total time spent on the phone (could be alarming!). You will be able to set time limits for individual apps and when you get the ‘Time’s up’ notification you are able to extend the time if needed. It breaks down how much time is spent on each app and how often your phone is unlocked. For children you can set app time limits.
Animoji and Memoji
Memoji is a new feature – you can make your own Animoji by choosing hair & skin colour etc. You can also access it in iMessage by opening the camera and use the new ‘Star button’ to use effects and you can make live recordings of it too!  There is talk of a ‘Tongue Detection’ update on Animoji – the mind boggles!
USDZ file format
Apple and Pixar have worked together to create a new file format for AR which they’ve named USDZ. This will work in multiple apps and will be supported by Adobe and Autodesk amongst others. There will be new apps for Creative Cloud and an app that you can take photos and add text and put it in AR.
Grouped FaceTime calls
Soon you will be able to have group FaceTime calls with up to 32 people! Unfortunately, Apple have now said that this feature will be delayed and won’t happen with the initial iOS 12 release but will be released later this Autumn.

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