iOS 12 – What we know so far


The new OS is expected to debut at the WWDC 2018 on June 4, this isn’t a surprise as Apple have been releasing the big update on this same date every year. There will be some innovative ideas as always, and plenty of fixes for the mass amount of problems iOS 11 has and is experiencing. The new OS will again continue to be free, and will be released for the Apple world in September.

So what is Apple focusing on for their next big operating system? Well it seems to be to ensure it works this time, will a push for better reliability which means they are shelving some exciting features for a later date. The redesigned home screen is just one update among many that will be waiting until iOS 13 for their chance, with the iOS 12 coming out to reduce all the niggles we’re experiencing now to make it the most stable OS so far.

One of the biggest upgrades you’ll find on the upcoming iOS is the ability to control your smart home with the Home app on the iMac, a very overdue upgrade really. Apple will bring first and third party iOS apps to the Macs to enable this, and this so far seems to be the biggest update – with Apple’s own apps like Home will make the jump.

The next update comes to something we all inevitably use on the iPhone’s – autocorrect – with everyone wanting it to be far, far better than it currently is. As autocorrect is at the moment, it can be just daft a substantial amount of the time. Autocorrect is certain to be high up on Apple’s list of improvements, but we hope they really do improve it properly this time around.

These are almost certain updates we will see in the new update, but we hope they also bring some other features into the mix. Apple could very easily bring always-on display hints to the new iPhone X2, this means the OLED would ‘turn off’ black parts of the screen so as to not use the battery life, a feature found on the Google Pixel 2 and Samsung Galaxy S9. We can also expect a new wallpaper for iOS 12, maximising the iPhone X’s OLED screen. Something else we hope Apple will look at is grouped notifications, as the current notifications that appear in chronological order fill our tab in the morning taking up plenty of space – maybe even smaller notifications could be inbound?

We also think/demand Apple switch up their camera app, as you still have to go into settings to change video resolutions etc. why? Android phones are edging further and further away from Apple in this department, as they are smoother at changing settings and the camera view.

There is plenty to look forward to with Apple’s new iOS 12, but we will have to wait and see if they listen to the customers – we hope they do.

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