iPhone 9 gossip and general guesswork

September 12 is a THE day…… Apple will announce the release date of the latest iPhone! We are guessing that it will be called either the iPhone 9 or iPhone 8s. This is the same date as the iPhone X launched last year. The announcements will be made at The Steve Jobs Theater at Apple Park, the company's headquarters.
It looks like this phone will be cheaper model and more atthe iPhone 8 price point.
6.1 inch display with a notched complete screen design. It is believed to be an LCD screen rather than the OLED we love, but the differences shouldn’t be noticeable to us normal people. There should be some jazzy colour ways to choose from.
Depending on whether this phone is released as an iPhone 8s or 9 will determine the amount of upgrades on the phone.
The iPhone 9 will almost definitelyhave a set of dual rear-facing cameras – but it is probable thatit will only be on the plus sized model – the iPhone 9 Plus. 
So if the rumours are true then a device thought to be the iPhone 9 has been certified in China, which is expected before a launch.
We are expecting three flagship handsets to be launched by Apple shortly – the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Plus and the more affordable iPhone 9.Apple could decide to stagger the launch dates of the three handsets so although we estimate a late September launch date – it could be pushed into October whilst it’s big brother iPhone XS could be first up.
Price might be lower as you might have to pay for extras such as 3.5mm headphone adaptor.
Would be great if Apple listened to our requests and the iPhone 9 had the following:
A home button –iPhone X doesn’t have a home button but unless you have that phone – it seems weird to not have one!
Touch ID–We are hoping this could be embedded into the screen, but basically we’d be happy to have touch ID anywhere on the phone instead of Face ID.
Airpods included – would be useful to be able to listen to music whilst phone is charging!
Wireless charging – would be great to see this tech in the iPhone 9 although it might mean that the phone will be more fragile
AMOLED display – Apple have reserved this excellent feature for iPhone X, but hopefully this would be incorporated into the iPhone 9 in the near future.
Key points
What is iPhone 9? A more affordable upgrade we're calling iPhone 9
When is iPhone 9 out? The release date will be on September 12 and launch date is likely to be either September 21 or 28 based on past launch dates
What will iPhone 9 cost? Estimated to be close to iPhone 8 prices 

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