Is the latest Motorola phone an iPhone X knockoff?!

The Motorola P30 has received heavy criticism as it is launched in China this August, and early reviewers of this latest smartphone offering,accuse them of directly copying Apple’s iPhone X.
Motorola are not the first phone company to copy elements of the sleek iPhone X, but it is reported that the P30 has so many similarities that it is essentially an iPhone X running Android; even the wallpaper is said to look like the default Apple wallpaper!
Having once been an innovator in the mobile phone arena, Motorola fell on hard times with the rise of the smartphone, and the handset division was purchased by Google in 2012, who in turn sold the long-suffering division onto Lenovo in 2014. The computer firm from China have since continued to make Android smartphones and have revealed an operating profit for the first financial quarter, after suffering losses the previous year.
It is not hard to see why the iPhone designs have become an industry standard, but there is now criticism that phone makers are being lazy and simply reproducing different versions of the same product. It’s little wonder that replacement rates are lower than ever because there is little innovation to make it worthwhile! Surely it is time to offer us something new and innovative that changes the way we look at smartphones?!
The Motorola P30 is due to be released in the US this September (no confirmed dates yet for UK) and prices will start at  $350 (£275) – which will make it over half the price of the Apple iPhone X– a considerable difference for almost identical device!
Lenovo has yet to comment on the accusations – will be interesting to see if all the criticism will change their future designs…..

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