Motorola One Power – an affordable iPhone X?

Motorola One and One Power are the latest excellent mid-range Android phones from Motorola, although, at this time, it is not known if they will ever be available to buy in the UK. The specs on this range puts them in between the Motorola G6 series and the Motorola Z series (we are still waiting for the Z3 to make it to the UK!).
We talked about the Motorola P30 recently and established that it is an iPhone X doppleganger. These latest offerings from Motorola seem to be of the same ilk but with some tweaks.
The screen on the One Power is 6.18in with a notch on it. It contains a Snapdragon 636 processor and even with itslarge 5000mAh battery, it’s still under 9mm thick.
There is little known about the specifics of the non-Power version but we can guess that it will be slimmer and have a smaller battery (maybe around 3000mAh).It has dual cameras. The camera on the back is 16megapixels and the front camera is 12 megapixels. 
Watch this space to find out if, and when, these great phones will be released in the UK…….

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