OnePlus 6 – Rumours and news


Continuing the company’s slow rise to prominence, OnePlus are proving they are a force to be reckoned with. They are earning respect along with new customer’s year on year as they release newer, better and good looking flagship killer smartphones. With their phones priced considerably lower than the big tech companies like Apple and Samsung, more and more people are taking a look at OnePlus, which release one phone model at a time. The OnePlus 6 is due to be released this year, and rumours are spreading faster each day as we get closer to the launch date.

The first rumours to surface are around the price of the new phone, and leaks indicate there will likely be an increase of 3-12 percent to the price we saw last year. This means a base model price of £499 (most likely), and that would be for a 64GB version. The highest spec could cost up to £599, which would be another increase on last year’s model and this device may have 256GB storage instead. The most reasonable price structure we can expect will be 64GB - £499, 128GB - £549 and 256GB - £599, which may look expensive but in comparison to the bigger brands it really isn’t.

The company have shown they are very consistent at improving the design of the phone every year, ensuring they are competitive in the looks department. With OnePlus being owned by the same company as Oppo, we can expect that the OnePlus 6 will take many design features found on the Oppo R15 which has just been announced. We expect the OnePlus 6 to bear a full metal body, to continue on from the 5T which had a solid block of aluminium that held a beautiful finish, the 6 should have an attractive glossy finish. The Oppo R15 has a slim portion of bezel at the bottom with a trendy notch at the top, which is something that will most likely be present on the OnePlus 6 – meaning their new phone should be striking and attention grabbing like the iPhone X.

The OnePlus 6 looks set to follow more trends this year, with very secure facial recognition software likely to feature on the device – photos of the OnePlus reveal the front and back of the new phone expected for release in the second quarter of 2018. The pictures also show a notch that is far less intrusive as the iPhone X’s notorious version. The phone will be waterproof with most likely a IP67 rating, and teases released by OnePlus give us a few hints of what finish to expect, with glossier sides on show in the tease photos.

With a notch being added to the OnePlus 6’s display, we can expect a size of up to 6.28-inches with the aspect ratio being pushed up to 19:9 to accommodate the notch. They say the notch will give the end user more screen space to use, by pushing the notifications up further. The screen will be a AMOLED with 2280x1080 resolution, so expect a stunning looking screen to use. Like a few other companies that realise not everyone wants the notch, OnePlus will offer the user the option to black it out, effectively camouflaging it, as confirmed by the CEO of OnePlus.

Pete Lau (OnePlus CEO) confirmed that the OnePlus will continue using Qualcomm’s latest high spec chipsets in their phone, meaning the OnePlus 6 will house the Snapdragon 845. He also confirmed that the new phone will be available with up to 8GB of RAM, which is more than you’ll find on plenty of other flagship phones. With a dedicated team that works with the software and hardware on the phone to ensure that it runs smoothly all the time as well as fast, we can expect a brilliant system to feature on the 6 like the one we saw on the 5T. The operating system for the new phone will be Android Oreo based, and will feature OnePlus’ Oxygen OS with customisation available.

We should also see a battery size increase on the 6, which will use the 3,450mAh battery found in the Oppo R15. This doesn’t show a huge increase, with the previous generation having a 3,300mAh battery, but as they had optimised that one so well that it comfortably lasted a day, we can expect this one to last just as long and maybe longer. Along with this, we will see Dash Charge utilised on the OnePlus 6, meaning you can charge from dead to 3/4ths in just 30 minutes - impressive.

The camera looks set to be a brilliant one, with the highest spec to hope for being a dual camera on the rear that features 16MP and a 20MP camera. The camera on the 5T was good, but OnePlus along with the phones users agree it needs improvement. The areas likely to see this improvement is the HDR system along with night time ability, but considering how good OnePlus are at learning from their flaws we can expect these areas to be dealt with effectively.

This looks set to be a serious phone with serious performance and high specs, and will as always look very good. We have high hopes for this phone, and you should definitely keep an eye out for more updates as they are soon to come.

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