Samsung Galaxy Note 9


The Note 9 is set to be a big step up from the outgoing Note 8, with it being slightly bigger and better than the already great Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus, both released in March this year. With not much being released from Samsung themselves so far, much of the news surrounding the Note 9 are rumours with credible sources. To start with, don’t expect a big redesign of the exterior, but more changes to the interior.

With a release date set to be around August 23rd, this is Samsungs next flagship phablet device – the Galaxy Note 9. The price will not be low by any means, with reports suggesting it will be higher than the £869 Samsung charged for the Note 8, and especially with high priced top end smartphones rising in prices we can expect the Note 9 to follow suit. The S9 and S9 Plus both saw prices increases from their previous generations, so be prepared for the price hike here.

One rumour is sure to excite, as it suggests the tech-giant is testing multiple in-screen solutions, one of these being a fingerprint scanner built right into the screen (impressive), a feature that would be the first of its kind to be seen on a mainstream phone. However, other reports are stating that due to earlier rumours that Apple and Samsung have both been working on this technology before, it may skip this generation due to it not being fully-ready just yet. It would certainly be a showstopper if they pull it off and incorporate it into the Note 9, but we’ll have to wait and see.

Another interesting rumour suggests Samsung will not only have an in-screen fingerprint scanner, but also hide the front-facing camera and sensor behind the screen – making for a completely bezel-less display. This would be a truly innovative design, however it could be too ambitious for a 2018 release, and more likely to be featured on next year’s Note 10.

The screen is most likely to be a AMOLED, and will be powered by the high-end Snapdragon 845 chipset with at least 6GB of RAM. With this being their flagship device, it should be assumed that the storage capacity will start from 128GB. There are rumours that Samsung is working on an Exynos 9820 chipset, that would bring faster speeds and possibly HDR video recording – as this feature was absent on the S9 devices.

These are the rumours flying about at the moment, only time will tell if we see any put into the Note 9 – and if they do this will surely be a serious phone to have.


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