Samsung Galaxy S10 – Rumours and News


With a release expected quite a few months away – early 2019 in fact – rumours are already surfacing about what we can expect to find on the Galaxy S10. With the Galaxy S9 and S9+ effectively being upgraded versions of the Galaxy S8 and S8+, we are expecting much bigger things for the next generation of the successful line of handsets, and it’s safe to assume the next gen will be a reinvention of the line.

The first speculative news surrounds the release date of the new devices, with reports from the Korean Herald saying the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and Galaxy S10’s will launch earlier in the year compared to their predecessors. Samsung unveiled the Samsung S9 in March, however it’s believed the S10 will be announced as early as January next year. Many sources also believe Samsung will finally unveil its highly-rumoured foldable smartphone at the MWC in February 2019.

The design is likely to follow closely to that of the Galaxy S9 series, with the edge-to-edge display set to feature with the omission of the notch. Samsung are creating a niche in becoming one of the only firms to not add a notch to every smartphone they release. Expect the bezel to be even smaller on the new models, however the displays are rumoured to be larger than the S9’s, so the devices may be larger in size.

The display is likely to be incredibly impressive, with the reliable source Ice Universe stating the Galaxy S10 will pack at least 600ppi, which will mean an even sharper display than the Galaxy S9 which had an already highly successful and market leading 570ppi. Obviously the larger display on the S10+ will suffer a dip in pixels per inch, but the resolution on both of these displays will be near enough 4K. The display designs have apparently already been finalised, with production expected to start in November.

More rumours have surfaced about the specs we can expect from the S10, with the biggest news being that it will be a 5G handset. Expect an AI-specific chipset, with CPU, GPU and a separate neural processor. It could have UFS 3.0 storage, along with 3D AI processing camera, along with a 9th generation Super AMOLED display. This impressive display will be on a 93 percent screen-to-body ratio.

The next news comes from Korean news site The Bell, which states the Galaxy S10 will be the first in the line to feature an in-display fingerprint sensor, something that was rumoured to be on the Galaxy S9. It’s likely the development of this technology will determine the release date of the Galaxy S10. The Bell also reports that Samsung is improving the 3D sensing camera tech to help improve the performance and security of the face unlock feature.    

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