Saving space on iPhone’s – How to.


If you own older generation iPhone’s with 16GB storage or newer ones with 256GB, there are a few ways to save some of that space for other stuff you want instead of getting those annoying error messages. This is how you can utilise your iPhone’s memory for your memories.

The first obvious point is to simply delete apps that you know you don’t use anymore, as this is just using up home screen space as well as storage space. You can do this by either holding down the app and pressing ‘X’. Another way would be to ‘offload’ the app, you can do this by launching Settings>General>iPhone Storage>Offload Unused Apps>Enable, this will allow you to remove the apps but still preserve the documents and data from that app in case you wish to reinstall at a later date. In the iPhone Storage section within settings is where you’ll be able to view which apps are taking up the most storage as well, so you can see for yourself which apps should be axed.

Deleting old messages is also a brilliant way to gain back more storage, here you can even get iOS to delete message threads automatically. Go to Settings>Messages>Keep Messages, here you’ll be able to select between 30 Days, 1 Year and Forever – self explanatory, after 30 days or 1 year the messages will be deleted freeing up that space for other tasks or apps. The 30 Days option will delete a vast amount of messages which will save plenty of space immediately.

The next method may slip by the thoughts of most people, when you send and receive attachments like images, for example, in messages it will take up valuable storage in your iPhone. You can review these attachments and delete the ones you don’t want by launching Settings>General>iPhone Storage>Messages>Review Large Attachments (here you will select the ones you wish to delete)>Delete. This is a simple and effective way to free up space, and one everyone should really be doing.

Recording on iPhone’s takes up plenty of space, especially if you’ve become a 4K enthusiast – just a minute of 4K video recording can take up 400MB of space (a lot.) The device is set to record at 1080p HD at 60fps from factory, but you can actually reduce this to 720p HD at 30fps to save even more space, which translates to just 40MB for a minute of recording. Do this by going to Settings>Camera>Record Video and here you can select your preferred resolution to record in.

HDR mode/High Dynamic Range captures brilliantly detailed photos with great quality, but does take up substantial storage as it automatically saves the normal and HDR version of images. Simply launch Settings>Camera>Deselect Keep Normal Photo, this will stop the iPhone from saving the original image when taking HDR photos again freeing up more space for more valuable things.

 We hope this helps you in saving valuable storage space for more important stuff, and to help stop getting those annoying messages about not having enough space on your phone.


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