Secure Your Mobile Phone


There are 2 simple steps you can take to increase the security on your mobile phone account and smartphone device, so that in the event it is stolen nobody can use it.

Step 1: Add a Password / Lock To Your Smartphone

This will prevent anybody from being able to access your handset information or use your device in the event it is stolen.

The process to add a phone lock to your phone is fairly standard across all handsets. Go to Settings, then security, then choose handset or phone lock and then configure the security of your phone to your preference.

Step: Add a Sim-Card Pin-Lock

iPhone, follow these steps:

1.       Click Settings

2.       Click Phone

3.       Click SIM PIN

4.       Switch SIM PIN on

5.       Enter your PIN


Android, follow these steps:

1.       Go to Settings

2.       Click on the More tab

3.       Click Security

4.       Click Set-up SIM card lock

5.       Click Lock Sim-card

You will be asked for the Sim-card pin number which varies from each mobile phone network, if you haven't already changed it.

Default pin by network:

O2 – 0000

EE – 1111

Three – 0000

Vodafone – 0000

Since the inception of smartphones and the password lock on the handset itself, the majority of people no longer use the pin code lock on sim-cards. This leaves your mobile phone account extremely vulnerable.

In the event your phone is stolen and you have a password lock on your phone, this will stop people from being able to use the phone itself, but unless you have a pin on your sim-card, people will still be able to use your account and run up a bill.

Samsung smartphones on Three

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