Will Nokia PureView phones come back into view?

A trademark for ‘PureView’has been recently been registered by HMD Global – Nokia Mobile’s parent company, so it looks set for Nokia to start releasing mobile phones using this brand name – potentially the Nokia 9.
The Nokia 808 PureView, released back in 2012, had the best quality tech for a smartphone camera back then – a whopping 41megapixel rear camera!
It was used on devices, including the Lumia 950 (made by Microsoft), and then disappeared when Microsoft ceased manufacturing Lumia devices. The PureView brand was presumed to have ceased too.
It looks as though this could be timed perfectly for the impending Nokia 9, which is rumoured to have a penta-lens on the rear - a technological advance for smartphone cameras.
The trademark for PureViewis registered to HMD Global until 4 January 2022, so it makes sense that it will be used imminently. 
Presumably the camera will be named ‘PureView’ or perhaps the handset will use the name – Nokia 9 PureView. Either way – watch this space for more info!

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