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Samsung Galaxy Tab insurance starts from £4 a month. 

At we’ll provide you with the cover you need in the event your Galaxy Tablet is stolen, damaged beyond repair or accidentally lost. When you insure your Tab with us, your Galaxy Tab is covered, so any immediate members of your family are also covered whilst using your device. 

What does my Samsung Galaxy Tab insurance over in with my policy? 


Accidental & Malicious Damage

In the event your Galaxy Tab is damaged by accident or as a result of malicious damage, we will repair your Tab. If your Galaxy Tab is damaged beyond repair, we will replace it. 

Smashed Screen

Possibly one of the most common experiences people have with their Galaxy Tab is a smashed screen. In the event your Galaxy Tab screen should be damaged, smashed or stop working we will repair it and if it cannot be repaired it will be replaced. 

Liquid Damage

Should your Tab be damaged through liquid ingress we will repair it and if it is not repairable, we will replace it. 


In the event your Samsung Galaxy Tab stops working and is no longer covered by the manufacturer's warranty we will repair it and if it cannot be repaired we will replace your Tab under the insurance policy. 


Should your Tablet be stolen, we will replace it. 


In the event you accidentally lose your Galaxy Tablet, under the insurance policy we will get a replacement iPad to you. 

Worldwide Cover

We provide 90 days of worldwide cover per year for your device for any holidays or business trips. 

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