Apple iPhone 7 Plus 32GB

Apple iPhone 7 Plus 32GB

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Apple iPhone 7 Plus 32GB Phone Insurance

Our mobile phone insurance comes with the following


A hassle-free claims process

Our claims processing team is based in the United Kingdom and we provide a straight-forward, hassle-free claims process whether you're making a claim for a smashed screen or a stolen phone and claims can be submitted online 24 hours a day.


Accidental Damage

If your mobile phone is damaged accidentally we will repair your phone and if it can’t be repaired we will replace it, like for like.


Liquid Damage

In the event your smartphone is damaged due to liquid ingression and can’t be repaired, we will replace it.


Mechanical Breakdown

If a breakdown of your mobile phone occurs outside of the manufacturer’s guarantee or warranty period we will pay the repair costs. If we are unable to economically repair your phone, then a like for like replacement phone will be provided.



Should you wish to take out the optional loss cover at an additional charge and lose your phone we will replace it.



If your mobile phone is stolen we will replace it, like for like.


Worldwide Cover

We provide up to 90 days cover abroad per annum.


Family Cover

Immediate family members using your mobile phone will be covered.


Unauthorised Use

In the event your phone is stolen or lost, your misuse of equipment cover is up to £1000.

iPhone 7 Plus – Review

The successor to the iP 6 Plus, the iPhone 7 Plus brings with it a host of new features that may not exactly blow you away – but do make for a truly brilliant “phablet” (a term becoming more common in use nowadays.) With it you get speedy performance, good specs and a slightly updated design on the iPhone look we have become used to, it does all come at a price however with this phone being the most expensive iPhone on sale in the UK ever (before the iPhone X came out anyway.)

Design wise the iPhone 7 Plus is very similar to the previous two versions, and is very big to say the least. The iPhone is now waterproof with an IP67 rating, meaning those accidental drops into water won’t be problematic anymore –the price for this is the headphone jack, but with every manufacturer following this trend, this is no surprise. Elsewhere, the home button has also been removed in a way, with the physical click being removed and now the dent in its place recognises your fingers in the same way the touch screen does. This new tech actually feels much more natural, and now it isn’t mechanical means less can go wrong theoretically. It also incorporates the fingerprint scanner into this, and that seems to have been improved from already being reliable to extremely reliable.

The iPhone 7 Plus may not have the highest resolution, but does pack something called DCI P3 – which is a range of colours used by movie makers that encompassed a larger colour spectrum that allows for far more realistic and diverse tones. This Retina display looks superb, the colours are great and bright making it able to be viewed in even strong daylight and is also not very reflective at all.

The iPhone 7 Plus is powered by a new A10 Fusion processor, this uses two low-power cores that are for completed easy less power draining tasks. The two more powerful cores are there to tackle more heavy duty tasks such as 3D games and other high processing apps. This tech has been used in Android for a while, but its good to see Apple following suit here finally. This all contributes to the fastest iPhone we have had so far, with 3GB of RAM (doesn’t seem much) this is more powerful than even any other phone released before or at the same time as this iPhone.

The iPhone 7 Plus comes with two cameras on the back, but with a twist. One camera is there to provide zoom without sacrificing image quality, so there is no wide-angle lens or black and white on this phone. The two cameras on the 7 Plus work very close together, making photos brighter and more detailed than the 6 Plus ever achieved.  One negative point that is becoming evident on the iPhone 7 Plus is the photo quality consistency, as it varies far more than on other iPhones of the past, with exposure especially sometimes being an issue. Other than a few minor issues, this is definitely still one of the best cameras out there on a phablet.

As is always the case with the iPhone Plus versions the battery life is better overall compared to the standard iPhone non-Plus versions. This is the same here, with the iPhone 7 Plus containing a bigger and better battery than the one found in the iPhone 7, often lasting longer than a days use. You will regularly find yourself plugging the 7 Plus in to charge with around 30% charge left in it. Unfortunately fast-charging technology has still not been included to the iPhone range as of yet, a bit annoying considering it is a mainstay on most Android devices now.

This is a spectacular phone in general, with a few nuances that will of course be fixed on the next iPhone release. Its fast, has a brilliant and long lasting battery life, can take brilliant pics and looks the business.

Apple iPhone 7 Plus Tech Specs

Operating System:

Apple iOS 10


5.5-inch LCD screen with Retina HD display (1920x1080px)


12MP f/1.8 (wide-angle) and f/2.8 aperture (telephoto) rear camera

7MP f/2.2 aperture front camera

4K @30fps


A10 Fusion chip with 64-bit architecture

Embedded M10 motion coprocessor


Memory and storage


Storage 32GB / 128GB / 256GB


Dimensions and weight

Height 7.3 mm

Length 158.2 mm

Width 77.9 mm

Weight 188g