Apple iPhone 8 64GB

Apple iPhone 8 64GB

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Tim Cook unveiled the Apple TV 4K, the Apple Watch Series 3, the stunning iPhone X and the iPhone 8 during a special event hosted at the new Steve Jobs Theatre in California. We’ll be reviewing the highly updated and improved successor to the previous iPhone, the iPhone 8.

Battery life is the first thing you will notice that has seen long awaited attention, as with previous generations battery life would deteriorate faster than you’d like – and with fast charging now being implemented (finally), the battery lasts longer and charges very fast. Fast charging on the iPhone 8 means it will go from dead to 50% in just 30 minutes, an improvement as the iPhone 7 could take up to 1 hour to reach the same percentage.

The design of the iPhone 8 is not a drastic one from the 7, as the only real difference you’ll see/feel is the glass back (which does look elegant – and is supposedly much more durable than the iP 7 rear.) It feels much nicer in the hand as well, and has much more grip than the previous aluminium back found on the two previous generations. This has increased the weight, which gives the device a perfect balance – not too light and not too heavy, it has presence.

There is a 4.7” Retina HD display on board the device, with just over 720p resolution. This isn’t much of an upgrade from the previous iP 7 at first sight, but they have added True Tone which is a feature that dynamically alters the displays white balance dependant on your surroundings (similar to the Night Mode setting on iOS.) After using the phone, it doesn’t take long to realise just how much of a difference True Tone makes, it’s a noticeable upgrade from the previous iPhone display.

Apple iPhone 8 Specifications

Screen – 4.7” Retina HD Display with True Tone feature


12-Megapixel f/1.8 rear camera

8-Megapixel front camera

Wireless and Fast Charge capable

Water, dust and splash resistant

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