Apple iPhone SE 128GB

Apple iPhone SE 128GB

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Apple iPhone SE 128GB £6.99pm

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direct Debit
Pay Monthly(Direct Debit)
Apple iPhone SE 128GB Phone Insurance
£6.99per monthPurchase

iPhone SE 2020 – An impressive upgrade to the original iPhone SE detailed below. 

The iPhone SE is the smallest and most compact iPhone available from the Apple range, being a cheaper and lower spec version of their flagship devices. Following many design features from the iPhone 5/5S, the feel of this phone will be very familiar with users of those two iPhones. Due to Apple reusing the designs from the iP 5, this makes the SE much more affordable while giving it a still iconic design that has aged well, the older design is still brilliant to hold as it is compact and light. It’s brilliantly different from the iPhone Plus range and widens Apple appeal to those wanting a smaller device, and at a cheaper price.

The display of the SE is also the same one you’ll find on the iP 5S, with a 1136x640 resolution giving 326px per inch, this is still a decent enough display in today’s market. Of course if youre comparing this to AMOLED or newer LCD tech than you’ll see the difference, but you’ll also see the savings here. The rear camera features the same sensor that the iPhone 6S packs, giving it brilliant camera capabilities, beating some close competitors in this category. It has a 12MP sensor, with a f/2.2 aperture that shocks many producing spectacular shots that seemed impossible from these specs. The SE even has 4k recording ability and slo-mo recording, all at a reduced price from their current flagship iPhone 8 and X.

The iPhone SE is powered by Apple’s iOS9 operating system, a familiar system many will be able to navigate with ease and even first time users will be familiar in minutes. The device also features an NFC chip enabling Apple Pay, which means you can use the phone to pay by simply holding it to tap-and-pay terminals with the fingerprint scanner to confirm the payment. The SE also packs a dual-core A9 processor with 2GB of RAM, and with a lower screen resolution compared to the iPhone 6S it actullay out-performs the 6S in many benchmark tests. The Touch ID is also quicker at unlocking the phone than compared to the 5S thanks to new processors.  You can choose between 32GB and 128GB of storage for this phone, a very acceptable amount for a small device.

The battery life of the SE is spectacularly good when you think about the other iPhones that are often grilled for their battery capabilities. This one can last, with a bit of battery saver help, to over one and a half days but generally will last at least a days use. An incredible improvement considering its very slightly bigger than the battery found in the 5S, it lasts about 50% longer.

This isn’t a flagship phone for Apple, and is mainly comprised of features and technology found in their older flagship devices, but it is an exceptional device because of that. It is affordable, much more so than the 6S, 7S and 8 Plus giving it a very good reason to be on sale. This iPhone is also smaller and compact than other iPhones, giving it its own appeal that many people were looking for.

iPhone SE Tech Specs

Operating System:

Apple iOS 9


4-inch LCD screen (1136x640 resolution) Retina display


12MP f/2.2 aperture rear camera


1.2MP f/2.4 aperture front camera

4K @30fps


A9 chip with 64-bit architecture

Embedded M9 motion coprocessor


Memory and storage


Storage 32GB or 128GB


Dimensions and weight

Height 7.6 mm

Length 123.8 mm

Width 58.6 mm

Weight 113g