Apple iPhone SE 64GB

Apple iPhone SE 64GB

Theft & Accidental Damage (1st Month Free)
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Apple iPhone SE 64GB £5.99pm

Theft & Accidental Damage - 1st Month Free

Our mobile phone insurance comes with the following


A hassle free claims process

Our claims processing team is based in the United Kingdom and we provide a straight-forward, hassle-free claims process whether you're making a claim for a smashed screen or a stolen phone and claims can be submitted online 24 hours a day.


Accidental damage cover

If your mobile phone is damaged accidentally we will repair your phone and if it can’t be repaired we will replace it, like for like.


Liquid Damage cover

In the event your smartphone is damaged due to liquid ingression and can’t be repaired, we will replace it.


Mechanical breakdown cover

If a breakdown of your mobile phone occurs outside of the manufacturer’s guarantee or warranty period we will pay the repair costs. If we are unable to economically repair your phone, then a like for like replacement phone will be provided.


Loss cover

Should you wish to take out the optional loss cover at an additional charge and lose your phone we will replace it.


Theft cover

If your mobile phone is stolen we will replace it, like for like.


Worldwide cover

We provide up to 90 days cover abroad per annum.


Family cover

Immediate family members using your mobile phone will be covered.


Unauthorised use

In the event your phone is stolen or lost, your misuse of equipment cover is up to £1000.

direct Debit
Pay Monthly(Direct Debit)
Apple iPhone SE 64GB Phone Insurance
£5.99per monthPurchase

Brand new iPhone SE 64GB 2020 phone insurance.

If you’ve just purchased the all new iPhone SE 64GB 2020 and want to protect your treasured device then you have come to the right place.

The iPhone SE 64GB 2020 is a one of the most affordable iPhones available but for most people it still represents a considerable investment. That’s why at BuyMobilePhoneInsurance we provide iPhone SE 64GB 2020 insurance to give you complete peace of mind.

Our insurance policy covers all the usual stuff like accidental damage, liquid damage, theft and mechanical breakdown. That’s a given. What makes us different is that we also give you worldwide cover up to 90 days when travelling on holiday or business too. Furthermore, your immediate family members who use your iPhone SE 64GB are covered as well!

Should your phone need fixing, you can rest easy knowing that it is in the safe hands of the Apple’s Geniuses at stores across the UK. And if it can’t be fixed, Apple will replace it with a new handset. We never replace your old phone with a refurbished one.

So what are you waiting for? Take out instant iPhone SE 64GB 2020 insurance today with the UK’s trusted mobile phone insurer.