Motorola Moto G6

Motorola Moto G6

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Motorola Moto G6 £3.99pm Theft & Accidental Damage 

Immediate Cover - Phones less than 6 months old are covered immediately.

Accidental Damage - Should you accidentally crack your screen or drop your phone down the toilet you'll be covered. 

Unlimited Repairs - If you're accident prone, there's no limit to how many accidental damage claims you can make. 

Theft - All of our policies provide theft cover.

Fast Claims Process - Our customer service and claims processing teams are based in the United Kingdom.

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Immediate Family Cover - Your immediate family will be covered when they're using your mobile phone.

Worldwide Cover - Going on holiday or a business trip abroad? We've got you covered.

Policy Excess - £75 iPhone, £50 all other phones, £25 additional excess for any loss claims subject to optional loss cover selected at point of purchase.

direct Debit
Pay Monthly(Direct Debit)
Motorola Moto G6 Phone Insurance
£3.99per monthPurchase

Moto G6 – Review

The new Moto G6 handset is not a flagship phone contender, and it knows it – however it does offer plenty of solid features with some decent camera features, fast charging and NFC. It is low-priced, comes with a premium look and has a quality display which all adds up to make possibly one of the best budget devices available to consumers at the moment.

The Motorola G-series has improved year on year since the first generation came to market in 2013, which set a new standard for lower priced and affordable phones, generating plenty of sales with it too. The firms aim with the G-series has always been to provide high-end features in an affordable handset, obviously it won’t offer the same experience you’ll have with a Samsung Galaxy S8 or iPhone X – but it does give you a taste.

The release date for the phone will be some time in May, with the most basic version priced at £219. The UK will receive the handset in the first week or so of May, while Motorola have confirmed that the G6 will arrive to US retailers “at some point in May.” As for the Australia market, nothing has been said as of yet unfortunately.

With that said, Motorola has given the G6 a 18:9 aspect ratio – something you’ll find on nearly every high-end smartphone out at the moment, and is the first time such a ratio has made it to the G-series phones. This is a decent feature, but the G6 also packs a dual-sensor camera on the rear (one is 12MP and the other 5MP) which means the photos are good quality. Now they won’t contend with the shots taken in the higher priced phones, but it really is good and does better generally than other mid-range devices of similar price. The 12MP has an f/1.8 aperture with the second 5MP having an f/2.2, both combining (especially with auto mode enabled) to create social media worthy images. The portrait mode on the device is also pretty impressive to say the least.

 The handset also has a bright and sharp Full HD+ 5.7-inch LCD display, which is higher than Full HD phones due to taller screen size. This display looks great considering the price you’re paying for it, and with the new aspect ratio applied, it also means there is more screen on the smaller body. These new additions make the G6 feel like a substantial upgrade from the previous generation G-series phone. The phone also takes on a more premium look this time round, with 3D glass on the back giving it a shiny finish that looks sleek. It does pick up fingerprints easily, but this is common with these kinds of finishes. The rear edges are curved, which feels extremely nice in the hand compared to previous models in the series. There isn’t an IP rating yet, but Motorola have said the device is splash proof – we suspect it won’t be submergible.

The battery is made up of a 3000aMh cell, which continues Motorola’s long line of phones with good battery life. It comes with fast charging ability, but unfortunately no wireless charging is available despite a glass back. With the battery size seemingly small, it will still last around a day of usage – with Motorola’s turbo charging feature though, you will be able to charge the phone up in no time for heavier users of the phone. Very good charging and battery life on the G6, albeit disappointingly not having wireless charging.

The Motorola G6 sees the company return to innovation with their handsets, after the disappointing quality found on the G5 last year. It’s good to see companies aren’t just racing to make the highest spec and expensive phones around, with companies like Motorola applying very decent tech and features to the lower tier options. The G6 is certainly up there with the best of the cheap options.