Nokia 6.1

Nokia 6.1

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Pay Monthly(Direct Debit)
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The Mobile Phone Insurance

Nokia 6.1 phone insurance for just £3.99 a month benefits from: 

Immediate cover (if your phone is less than 6 months old)

Unlimited repairs


Loss Cover, optional

Accidental, liquid and screen damage

Fast claims processing

High claims approval

Immediate family covered using your mobile phone or tablet

UK based customer service and claims team

Worldwide cover, holidays and business travel when using your mobile phone abroad

Reasons to buy

  1. UK Based Customer Support & Claims Team
  2. UK Customer Support 01256 471387
  3. Unlimited Repairs
  4. Immediate Family Covered
  5. Worldwide Cover up to 90 Days
direct Debit
Pay Monthly(Direct Debit)
Nokia 6.1 Phone Insurance
£3.99per monthPurchase