Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus

Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus

Theft & Accidental Damage
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Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus £9.99pm Theft & Accidental Damage 

Immediate Cover - Phones less than 6 months old are covered immediately.

Accidental Damage - Should you accidentally crack your screen or drop your phone down the toilet you'll be covered. 

Unlimited Repairs - If you're accident prone, there's no limit to how many accidental damage claims you can make. 

Theft - All of our policies provide theft cover.

Fast Claims Process - Our customer service and claims processing teams are based in the United Kingdom.

High Claims Approval - Fast claims processing. 

Immediate Family Cover - Your immediate family will be covered when they're using your mobile phone.

Worldwide Cover - Going on holiday or a business trip abroad? We've got you covered.

Policy Excess - £75 iPhone, £50 all other phones, £25 additional excess for any loss claims subject to optional loss cover selected at point of purchase.

direct Debit
Pay Monthly(Direct Debit)
Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Phone Insurance
£9.99per monthPurchase

The new and improved Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus, again set to dominate over its competitors. Of all Android devices this certainly comes out top with its 6.2-inch curved display and superb dual-lens camera combined with brilliant low-light capabilities. They have taken the already very impressive and popular previous model and rid of its imperfections to create the Galaxy S9 Plus.

As we saw with the S9, Samsung have not redesigned the externals of the S9 Plus and we agree with this – as it is a good looking unit anyway. They have made minor adjustments, like with the S9 like repositioning the fingerprint sensor to the center of the back (much better), after the negative feedback they received from last year’s versions. Samsung have also included (as expected) facial and iris recognition on the S9 Plus, they work together to unlock the phone.

The headphone jack has managed to keep its place on this device, coupled with an upgraded speaker system this really is a good device for music. The design of the phone is continuing on with the two glass panels joined with a metal frame, and it is still one of the best looking phones because of this – why change something drastically if it’s already great? The Plus is also dust and water resistant like the standard S9 variant – a drop in a puddle won’t hinder it’s performance.

Samsung have paid close attention to the speakers on the Galaxy S9 Plus, making them 40% louder than the previous iteration, thanks to the addition of an earpiece speaker and tuning of the bottom speaker. This is combined with new support for Dolby Atmos, which simulates 360-degree sound from the device. This is a long awaited update finally completed, meaning the S9 Plus can continue to compete with its rivals to maintain a top position within the smartphone world.

Storage wise the only option is 128GB, however Samsung continue to have microSD slots meaning you can add an additional 400GB (far more than its closest competitors.) The device has 6GB of RAM, meaning multitasking is as smooth as ever, and any other tasks will be completed with ease on the rather big 6.2-inch display. There is a 30% speed boost with its performance in benchmarking apps, ones that push the chips to their limits – rest assured the device does not slow down with real-life scenarios either as Samsung have designed this phone to be future-proof. The battery life is almost identical to that of the S8 Plus – full charge can be expected in around 1 hour 30 minutes, and that will last you a day of average use.

The f/1.5 aperture is the first of its kind to be fitted to a smartphone, and it’s coupled with a f/2.4 aperture for the best of both worlds. The phone is able to switch between the two, the f/1.5 pulls in more light for darker lighting and the f/2.4 reduces light intake for reduced overexposure. The front-facing camera is the same one found in the S8 Plus – an 8MP sensor, still relatively capable but more than enough for those selfies. Video recording can be done at 4K resolution at a rate of 60 frames per second, and you can now record super slow-mo at 960 frames per second. The super slow-mo is very impressive, but quality is sacrificed with this as recording is at 720p resolution.

Overall the S9 Plus really is perfected, wording it like that might not sound impressive but it truly is. Unless you’re wanting a device that is completely different to last year’s best smartphone, than this is still the best option out there.