Google’s new Pixel Watch


Christmas this year will signal the arrival of a new smart watch, and it isn’t one from Apple we’re talking about. Google are reportedly preparing three new smart watches under the Pixel brand, and will run the latest Wear OS software. With the latest Apple Watch (Apple Watch 4) set to launch in September, along with the Samsung Gear S4 rumoured to arrive in August, it could be difficult for Google to truly get their foot in the door of the smart watch market.

There is not much in the terms of confirmed specs for the new Google Pixel Watch, but a Qualcomm representative confirmed that Qualcomm are working on a new chipset to power top-end smart watches. And with him also confirming it will be in a top end device by the end of the year, we have strong belief this means it will feature on the new Pixel Watch.

For the Pixel Watch to stand any chance in the smart watch market, it will need to pack some serious tech (although we know Google is capable of this,) with top of the range heart rate tracking, GPS and workouts built in with the abilities to track activities like cycling, running and other sports.

The design should be high end too, and with Google’s recent designs we can expect them to deliver with this. Google will need to make the display easy to read and be bright, along with LTE for music capability and NFC for mobile payments. The tech firm should also be able to give the watch a very decent battery life.

With the Pixel 2 XL doing so well in the smart phone market, it has shown what Google are really capable of producing tech wise. They just need to ensure that the Pixel Watch has similar or better tech specs than can be found in the Samsung Gear Sport and the Apple Watch 4, but Google are more than able to do this.

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