HTC U12+ Everything you need to know so far


The tech giant HTC are set to announce their next flagship phone soon, and rumours are making the rounds again in regard to what specs it will have and how it may look design wise. First off the name HTC U12+ is the name leaked and confirmed by leaker Evan Blass. There are suggestions that there may be a 5.5-inch screen version and a 6-inch screen version, due to two separate spec leaks.

With most major tech firms focusing their designs around bezel-less screens, we should expect the same focus on the new HTC flagship device. There is no confirmation on whether HTC will implement their Liquid Surface glass finish on the new device, but as it looked so good and was a feature that you couldn’t find on other smartphones we hope they will stick with it. With a focus on the bezel-less display, it’s likely to feature the same 18:9 resolution as the HTC U11+.

We can also expect an IP68 water protection rating as seen on the HTC U11+, the HTC U12+ should also feature the squeezable sides with Sense Edge where shortcuts and actions can be enabled via a squeeze. The new device will have a 5.99-inch screen with a QHD+ display, so it should have a 2880x1440 pixel resolution – this has been confirmed after an early leak of the outline of the phone, which showed a silhouette of the display with an 18:9 aspect ratio.

More rumours have been confirmed by the leaker Evan Blass and other sources, the power can be expected to come from Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 chipset coupled with a healthy 6GB of RAM. Storage could be in the region of 256GB with the option to expand this with MicroSD cards, and the operating system will come from Android 8.0 and Sense 10. Following on from the HTC U11+, there will be no headphone jack, instead offering the Usonic headphones that will be USB Type-C compatible.

From a leaked box we can safely say there will be a fingerprint scanner on the rear of the device, also Qi wireless charging and dual-nano SIM capabilities will make appearances here. In regard to HTC Sense, it’s believed that the company will continue its move of trimming it down in favour of Google’s own apps and services. With the trend of facial recognition software to open phones, HTC are again likely to bring this onto the flagship phone.

The camera on the HTC U12+ will almost definitely be a dual-camera set up, with confirmations of 12MP and 16MP sensors but not much else in regard to the technical details not much has been released or confirmed. There is likely to be an optical image stabilisation feature for the camera, as we have seen with most released phones of 2018.

It seems that HTC have experienced some delays in production of the U12+, which has meant they have had to push back the launch of the device to around May 2018 as suggested by Focus Taiwan. Not much else is being said about launch events however, and the same can be said about the price. Only time will tell when the phone will be released and what price we will be able to purchase the eagerly awaited HTC U12+.

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