The Blackberry KeyTwo – Will it match the KeyOne success?


Blackberry Mobile launched their first device that resembled Blackberry’s of old that ran Android since running under the TCL banner last year. This phone was named the KeyOne and caused much excitement from previous lovers of the Canadian tech giants, with plenty of attention from former Blackberry users. The KeyOne was a success in its own right, as it was never going to compete with the likes of Apple and Samsung, but the sales it garnered meant TCL have been able to plan and build more Blackberry handsets.

The name KeyTwo isn’t confirmed yet, with Blackberry fans the ones dubbing the name thus far – although it does appear the most likely route for TCL to go down. With Blackberry becoming ever more creative with their names nowadays, this may not be the name so we will have to see what they decide on. No announcements are close, so we can only really make guesses on this matter.

 The battery should be at least 3,500mAh, as Blackberry has always been focused on ensuring long life devices for productive reasons. And with the Motion having a 4,000aMh battery this is a sure sign of the future battery size. This battery is likely to power a very high spec chipset, possibly the new Snapdragon one, with the KeyOne rocking the Snapdragon 660 with 6GB RAM we should expect a very high powered device in the KeyTwo.

Another highlight for Blackberry lovers is the design of the KeyTwo, with the companies head of device portfolio confirming that two of the devices being released this year will sport physical keyboards. This means a device similar to the KeyOne (we expect this to be the KeyTwo) will continue Blackberry’s long commitment to keyboards that are physical, not virtual. They are also likely to buck the trend and hold onto the headphone jack, with supposed press release photos displaying every angle of the upcoming device.

The software on the KeyTwo is most definitely going to be Android 8.0 or 8.1, since they have been available for a while now. Given that it is a Blackberry device, the company is known its useful software additions we can be certain to find the Hub, DTEK security app, Productivity Edge, Device Search and BBM are just a few.  

The display won’t be the best you’ll ever see, as it will be restricted in part due to the physical keyboard. So we are unlikely to see a 18:9 aspect ratio, it is more likely to be similar to the 4.5-inch 1080x1620 screen as seen on the KeyOne. The previous display was more than good enough, but we hope there is some boost to the 433ppi we had with the KeyOne, possibly even a move to the AMOLED side perhaps.

We look forward to this device full unveiling in the coming weeks, and you should too.

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