The LG Q7 ThinkQ will be officially unveiled in May 2018


The tech giants LG have confirmed their next device set to launch is the G7 ThinkQ, this is the first G-series phone to receive the ThinQ branding following the launch of the LG V30 ThinQ. The branding refers to a focus on AI technology, with features like Voice AI that responds to vocal commands and Vision AI that cooperates with the camera in making a more convenient experience for the user. The new G7 ThinQ will be previewed at an event in New York on May 2nd a day before its official unveiling in Seoul.

LG’s ThinQ platform was first introduced at CES 2017, and all the products that carry this branding are artificially intelligent and are able to communicate with each other. They employ LG’s deep learning technology to help understand the user’s habits and needs better, something pretty futuristic if you ask me. With regard to the LG G7 ThinQ not much else has been said so far, although we expect LG like they have before, to slowly release small details over the coming weeks.

We will have to see what they have planned, but it looks set to be an interesting phone to say the very least.

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